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Sugar Addiction

Are you someone who: 


  • Can’t stop eating sugar once you start, can’t stop at one piece of chocolate or one biscuit? 
  • Is plagued with constant cravings, especially for chocolate, sweets, sugary drinks or refined carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta or crisps? 
  • Wants to eat something sweet after a meal? 
  • Drinks more than one can of fizzy drink a day? 
  • Rewards yourself with a sugary treat? 
  • Turns to sugary foods when stressed? 
  • Worries that you may develop diabetes? 
  • Thinks about sweet treats most the time? 
  • Enjoys a mocha or latte coffee most days? 
  • Hides your sugary food/drinks from others? 

If you feel that the amount of sugar you consume is out of control and you just can’t seem to get by without it, then Helen can help you. 

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