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hypnotherapy to stop smoking


hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Can you still afford to smoke?

With the price of cigarettes today, if you smoke 20 a day you are spending in the region of £280 a month. That is £3,360 a year and over 20 years is £67,200.  Hypnotherapy makes stopping smoking quick and easy. Can you afford to wait any longer to stop?  You ...
hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Good News Travels a Long Way

This morning I had a client that came to stop smoking. He lives in Bahrain – when in Bahrain a client of mine recommended me to him.His family live in Nottingham. He travelled up this morning all the way from Nottingham for one of my hypnotherapy stop smoking sessions.He is now ...
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Could you say ‘No’ to chocolate?

After just one session of hypnotherapy my client hasn’t wanted chocolate at all. It just isn’t an issue anymore before she craved chocolate and had at least one bar of chocolate a day. 

Hypnotherapy in the Family

As a family Helen, Julie and Roland have nearly 60 years of experience between them and by collaborating together they can give their clients the very best therapy.  Helen James:  Having seen the incredible work that my sister and father were doing as hypnotherapists, I decided it was time for ...

Online Hypnotherapy

Covid 19 is hitting everyone – HARD!  Me too.  Like everyone else I’ve had to take stock and look at how I can continue to help you.  So, for the time being I’ll continue hypnotherapy sessions on a remote basis.  You get the very best help right from the comfort ...

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