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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can get in the way of you living life to the full. They can leave you feeling out of control and unable to cope with life. 


Some people suddenly start having panic attacks for no apparent reason. It may happen when you are in a crowded place, or perhaps when you are driving. Others suffer when they are just relaxing at home. People can also turn to inappropriate coping mechanisms such as drinking, smoking and recreational drugs which can just exacerbate the problem. Hypnotherapy offers a natural and healthy way of relieving anxiety.  

Is this you? 

  • Struggling to cope with pressures of work or day-to-day life? 
  • Find it hard to concentrate? 
  • Feel overwhelmed? 
  • Excessively worry and overthink things? 
  • Suffer with panic attacks? 
  • Have problems with sleeping or eating? 
  • Lost your sense of humour? 
  • Prone to being irritable and snappy? 
  • Suffer from imposter syndrome? 

Hypnotherapy is very effective at treating anxiety. Anxiety is the body’s response to the unconscious mind identifying a perceived danger and putting the body on constant alert. Hypnotherapy for anxiety addresses the root cause of your anxiety, enabling you to resolve the problems so that your anxiety is significantly reduced or goes completely.  

Many people have benefited from using hypnotherapy to help them move on from their anxieties and regain the freedom to get on with their lives.  

How many sessions will it take?  

No two clients are the same. The number of sessions depends on the client’s individual circumstances, however usually for Anxiety / Panic Attacks two to four sessions are sufficient. Please contact Helen for further advice.  



Please note results may vary. 

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