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Health Anxiety

Health anxiety is the obsessive, irrational worrying that you are suffering from a serious medical condition or that you might become ill in some way. For many the Coronavirus virus pandemic has increased their anxiety regarding their health. 


Is this you? 

  • Do you perceive harmless physical symptoms as serious medical conditions? 
  • Do you adjust your behaviour and avoid situations in the fear that not doing so may be harmful to your health? 
  • Your GP has reassured you that there is no cause for anxiety and has reassured you that you’re healthy, but you still feel extreme anxiety unable to accept that everything is OK. 

There are many reasons why people develop health anxiety here are some examples: 

  • Hearing a friend/family member has been diagnosed with a serious illness 
  • Experiencing life threatening event such as a car accident, heart attack or stroke 
  • Seeing bad news health stories in the press such as the coronavirus pandemic, bad air quality and its effect on health etc. 
  • Being near people who are unwell or look ill 

Anxiety is the manifestation of our subconscious mind going into protection mode. Anxiety is like a physical alarm bell trying to warn us of danger and keep us safe. While small bouts of stress can be useful, constantly being in flight of fight mode is not. 

Using Hypnotherapy to get everything back in perspective and calm you will enable you to get back to good health and start enjoying life again. 

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